Günter Bialas


1907Born in Bielschowitz, Upper Silesia, on 19 July
1922-1925Studied piano and music theory with Fritz Lubrich in Kattowitz
1926-1928Studied musicology and German language and literate in Breslau
1928-1931Studied music education in Berlin, then composition in Max Trapp’s master class at the Berlin Academy of the Arts
Member of “Kreis der Zwölf”, a group of composers led by Fritz Jöde
1933Music teacher in Breslau
1939-1941Lecturer in music theory at the Institute of Music Education, Breslau University
1945Moved to Munich and Glonn, Upper Bavaria
1946Choir director of the Munich Bach Society
1947Theory teacher at the Weimar Musikhochschule;
composition teacher at Northwest German Music Academy in Detmold                 
1954First prize in music from state of North Rhine-Westphalia
1959Professorship in composition at the Munich Musikhochschule
1962Munich Music Award
1964Johann Wenzel Stamitz Award from Esslingen Artists’ Guild
1967Music award from the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts
1969Member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts
1971Premier award from the Upper Silesian Cultural Award Committee
1975Member of the Berlin Academy of the Arts
1980Silesian Art Award from state of Lower Saxony
1982Gold Medal “München leuchtet” from city of Munich
1987Cultural prize from city of Munich
1988Paul Hindemith Award from Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival
1989Cultural prize from Bavarian State Foundation
1992“Kultur aktuell” Prize 
1992Gold medallion from city of Munich
1995died on 8 July in Glonn/Upper Bavaria.