Ernst Krenek


“One need have no hesitation about designating my writing of the past ten years as dodecaphonic, since the twelve tones are always in close proximity. It is atonal, since it rejects tonal centers. I only occasionally employ the stricter disciplines of the dodecaphonic and serial techniques, since I am more interested in a suppler writing style. I have nothing to do with new tendencies like ‘New Simplicity’, ‘Neoromanticism’, ‘Minimalism’, and so forth.”

      Ernst Krenek, 1989

“Krenek has an insatiable musical curiosity and, with regard to exterior influences, he is perfectly capable of adopting the attitude: I have to try everything once ... All of Krenek's mature works ... are cast in one mold, they are all held together by one single musical temperament. His work tends to be lyrical elegiac, euphoric: qualities that characterize this uniquely generous, self-possessed, peaceable personality. He is truly the opposite of an ‘artist as egotist’.”

     Glenn Gould „Hommage à Ernst Krenek“. In: Musik-Konzepte 39/40