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18.06.2012 09:59

Operatic masterpieces from the 17th century

The works of Francesco Cavalli at Bärenreiter

17c. Venice

Bärenreiter-Verlag is embarking on publishing an edition of the operas of the Italian Baroque composer Francesco Cavalli (1602–76), widely regarded as the most successful opera composer of the 17th century. He composed no fewer than thirty operas. In recent years, a few of these have been the focus of increasing interest in staged productions.

The edition Francesco Cavalli – Opere, under the editorial direction of Ellen Rosand (with Álvaro Torrente), is initially planned as 14 volumes. The first volume with the opera La Calisto will be launched at the Congress of the International Musicological Society, to be held from 1–7 July in Rome. Volumes with Artemisia, Scipione Affricano and L’Orione will follow.

The critical editions have been produced with both scholarly and practical performing use in mind. To accommodate performers’ requirements, Bärenreiter will make performance material for Cavalli’s operas available on hire. In addition to this, we can respond to the particular needs and requirements of interpreters, and can assist with the production of individual versions for performance.