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14.11.2013 10:09

The white night

World Premiere of an ensemble piece by Beat Furrer in Frankfurt

Beat Furrer’s La bianca notte for soprano, baritone and ensemble receives its premiere on 21 November at the opening concert of "cresc... 2013", the Frankfurt Biennale für Moderne Musik, combined with Bernd Alois Zimmermann’s Musique pour les soupers du Roi Ubu. Conducted by Brad Lubman, the performers are Tony Arnold, Holger Falk and the Ensemble Modern. In his composition, soprano and baritone meet as if encountering each other coming from different rooms. Furrer uses short passages from the letters of Sibilla Aleramo which describe the incredulous astonishment, the unreal sensation of a new love, and an excerpt from Dino Campana’s Canti orfici (1914).

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