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07.08.2013 08:07

Debut at the BBC Proms 2013

Premiere of Charlotte Seither’s “Language of Leaving” with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, London

With her work Language of Leaving for large orchestra and 24 voices, Charlotte Seither is one of this year’s commissioned composers at the BBC Proms in London. The work receives its premiere on 28 August 2013 with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and BBC Singers in the Royal Albert Hall, London. The conductor is Josep Pons. Darüber hinaus stellt die BBC die Komponistin auch beim Fringe Festival in Edinburgh (26.8.13) und in der Reihe „Proms Plus Portrait“ in London (28.8.13) mit Kammermusikwerken vor.

In her composition Charlotte Seither poses the question about the physical quality of a sound, whether vocal or instrumental, and the range of its identity. She uses a text by the Baroque poet Francesco de Lemene which deals with a transition, with the question of identity.

The central idea is the inner echo, which, as it were, is microscopically enlarged from this, there where the boundary between vocality and instrumentality merges. “The voices are not the expression of an individual, rather the orchestra becomes a utopian expanse where the question about autonomy is posed. The orchestra is filled with the breath of the voices, is humanized and moves within this border space.” At the same time, the positioning of the twelve vocal groups in the orchestra generates a new kind of “spatialization” of the sound, for the complete merging of particular voices and instruments is increasingly dissolved through the relationship to other vocal colours. Nevertheless, voices and orchestra are constantly thought of as one. As they are positioned towards the front of the stage, everything occurs within the musical movement.

Die Uraufführung des 20-minütigen Werks wird auf BBC 3 live aus der Royal Albert Hall übertragen (www.bbc.co.uk/proms/whats-on/2013/august-28/14690).

28.8.2013 London (BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall)
Charlotte Seither: Language of Leaving for orchestra and voices. World première
BBC Symphony Orchestra, BBC Singers, conductor: Josep Pons

26.8.2013 Edinburgh (Fringe Festival) / 28.8.2013 London (Royal College of Music, “Proms Portrait Plus”)
Charlotte Seither: Waters, earth and air I for soprano and ensemble; Seul avec des ombres for flöte solo; Minzmeißel for voice and piano (UK premières)
Catriona Morison (mezzo-soprano), Ensemble MusicLab, conductor: Fergus Macleod

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