Sales and Marketing

By means of direct contact with libraries, institutions, end customers and music retailers, the sales and marketing department provides a central function; it not only represents the publishing house to the outside world but also channels  reactions and experiences from customers back to relevant Bärenreiter departments. Customer feedback about editions, information on market requirements, suggestions for improvement and criticism are all important stimuli in the shaping of the publishing programme.

Sales and marketing activities are conducted on a worldwide basis from the Bärenreiter headquarters in Kassel. In addition there are subsidiary companies who are responsible for the sales to Eastern Europe, Great Britain and British Commonwealth countries. Besides Germany, the major markets are the USA, Japan, Great Britain and France.

By dealing promptly with orders and maintaining close contact with customers, the sales and marketing department ensures a smooth service and continually strives for the greatest possible customer satisfaction. Personal customer contact which is developed through visits as well as attendance at trade fairs and other events, is a prerequisite for building a relationship of mutual respect.

Knowledge of musical life in the respective country, the market position of our own products, expertise acquired through customer contact coupled with an overview of the current publishing programme, enables the sales and marketing department to advise customers based on an understanding of their particular circumstances. In this they are assisted by marketing strategies devised for specific publications and target groups, ranging from marketing and advertising campaigns to discounts tailor-made for the market.

Apart from the close contact to our customers, the sales and marketing department has a close interaction with all areas of the publishing house, particularly the editorial, advertising and distribution departments.