Manuscript submission

Thank you for your interest in Bärenreiter and your intention to submit a publication proposal. Please familiarise yourself with our current catalogue in order to make sure you have chosen the right publisher for your project.

Please send the following documents to

  • A short description of the planned edition/book project (synopsis) which addresses the following topics/issues:
    - A description of the repertoire/content (books: with table of contents, reading sample and target group).
    - The individuals involved
    - In the case of Urtext editions: the source situation
  • Information about yourself and your qualifications/experience in editing, as well as in the research or performance practice of this repertoire/topic
  • The reasons for a newly planned edition including the differences to already available or currently out-of-print editions/books.

o Please note:

  • Handwritten texts and manuscripts as well as the sole submission of sound recordings cannot be considered.
  • We do not return unsolicited manuscripts on paper or data carriers (CDs, USB sticks) sent by post for reasons of time and cost.
  • If files have been stored on an external file server, links to the server must be accessible for an unlimited period of time.
  • A legal note: We do not accept liability for unsolicited manuscripts, images, data, etc.
  • We aim to view and respond to every offer, but due to the large number of submissions, we ask for your kind understanding that it is not always possible for us to send out individual rejections. Please refrain from making enquiries by telephone or in writing. If your submission is of interest, we will contact you.

Contemporary Music

In order to do justice to our obligations towards the composers currently under contract, Bärenreiter can only work with a small circle of contemporary music composers. For this reason, we currently have no free capacities to accept new composers.