Submitting Manuscripts

If you would like to submit a manuscript or exposè, please note the following:

Please acquaint yourself with our current catalogue to ensure that you have selected the correct publisher for your project.

We accept manuscripts on paper or by e-mail. However, for cost and time reasons, we cannot return unsolicited manuscripts. Please also note that we cannot consider handwritten texts and manuscripts at all.
Please do not send original documents.

The number of manuscript submissions is very high, so that the examination of the documents can take a long time.

Please refrain from telephone and written inquiries. If we are interested we will contact you. Due to the number of submissions it is not always possible to write a refusal.

Please send your manuscripts or exposès

by post to

Bärenreiter-Verlag Karl Vötterle GmbH & Co.KG
„Manuscript Submission“
Heinrich-Schütz-Allee 35-37
34131 Kassel

by E-mail to

infobaerenreitercom, reference: „Manuscript Submission“

Disclaimer: Any liability for unsolicited manuscripts, images, data or similar is excluded.