Bärenreiter gets involved

There will be no “rage over a lost penny” if this money helps others in need. Bärenreiter actively supports a wide range of musical and charitable projects.

Every year, Bärenreiter awards the “Bärenreiter Urtext Prize” as a part of many national and international competitions. The prize takes the form of a generous sheet-music voucher, hereby granting young musicians access to high-quality Bärenreiter editions.

Closer to home, Bärenreiter also supports many projects in and around Kassel, including the Kasseler Musiktage, the Spohr Museum and the Grimm Professorship at the University of Kassel.

The Landgraf-Moritz-Stifung (foundation) promotes publications on music, particularly the study of Heinrich Schütz and his contemporaries. It also supports other musical activities.