The Scheuch Family

In 1970 Barbara Scheuch-Vötterle (b. 27 November 1947 in Kassel), the daughter of Karl Vötterle and Hildegard Vötterle née Schaub (1914–1998), joined Bärenreiter. Following her father’s death in 1975, she became Managing Director and since 1976, has managed the company jointly with her husband Leonhard Scheuch (b. 21 May 1938 in Winterthur, Switzerland).

Under their management, the course for the future of the company has been set. The 1980s saw an extensive restructuring of the business with regard to the organisation and the publishing programme. In addition to the explicit decision to have a continued commitment to contemporary music, a close collaboration with musicological research as well as the development of  the music pedagogy programme, the promotion to establish “Bärenreiter-Urtext” as the brandname was actively conducted.

In an honorary capacity, Barbara Scheuch-Vötterle is a member of the managing committees of the Kasseler Musiktage and the Landgraf-Moritz-Stiftung. She has received numerous awards for her special contributions over and above her professional duties. In 1999 she was awarded the Goethe Badge by the German Federal State of Hesse, in 2005 she became an honorary member of the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung (Society for Music Research) and the Deutscher Musikrat, and in March 2007, she was made an honorary professor of the Federal State of Hesse.

After studying theatre arts at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and the University of Vienna, Leonhard Scheuch undertook internships in opera directing in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. From 1967 until he joined Bärenreiter, he worked as a literary and artistic director at the Zurich Opera House. The gradual development of the opera programme, the concentrated  promotion of contemporary music and the book publishing programme are his special areas of interest. He is particularly credited with having excellent contacts with the Czech Republic, beginning with the founding of the subsidiary Bärenreiter-Verlag Basel AG in Prague in 1991. This took the former Czechoslovakian state-owned publisher Supraphon into privatisation and has been operating as Editio Bärenreiter Praha since 1998 and as Bärenreiter Praha since 2011.

Outside his publishing work, Leonhard Scheuch is involved with  music-cultural issues. This includes being a founder member of the Swiss Janácek Society and the chairman of the committee “Initiative Pro A” which strives to keep the Kassel Staatstheater orchestra as an ‘A’ (top) classified orchestra.

The Scheuchs’ son Clemens Scheuch (b. 18 March 1980 in Kassel) has worked in the publishing house since 2003, ensuring a smooth transition to the next generation. Like his mother, he grew up in close contact with the publishing house, and joined the business in March 2003 as assistant to the management whilst still studying sound engineering in Hamburg. Since 2007 he has managed  the sales and marketing activites as well as  the financial controlling concerning products. He is also Executive Director of the KGA Verlags-Service (distribution). February 2011 Clemens Scheuch became a Member of the Bärenreiter Executive Board. Clemens Scheuch’s particular interests include current technical developments in the area of new media.

His brother Claudius (b. 25 September 1976) works closely with Bärenreiter in the area of corporate image and design.