“[t]akte. Das Bärenreiter-Magazin” is a free, four-colour magazine which is published by Bärenreiter and Alkor. It is issued twice a year and includes articles on themes of particular importance for the two companies. The focus is on contemporary music and large-scale historic works. The authors of the articles are editors, journalists and in-house staff. “[t]akte” is primarily aimed at Alkor-Edition customers such as theatres and orchestras in German-speaking territories, but journalists and those with a general musical interest also receive the magazine.

All the articles can be found on the website www.takte-online.de. Many of these are also available in English. A frequently updated list of performances contains dates of the most important first performances and concerts of Bärenreiter works worldwide. PDFs of the “[t]akte issues can be obtained in the download area.