Haus unterm Stern

This book which was first published in 1949 contains Karl Vötterle’s memoirs. The most recent edition was published in 1969. It covers the history of the publishing house from its beginnings, through its wartime destruction and reconstruction, right up to its recent past.

The foreword to the first edition contains the following:
“These memoirs do not have a literary purpose, but a personal one: they are intended to provide information to friends at home and abroad who want to know something about the origins of Bärenreiter, the origin of its name and its fate during the years of destruction and reconstruction. The title Haus unterm Stern is not meant to imply that during its twenty-five years’ existence Bärenreiter-Verlag has stood beneath a lucky star, but that we, like the shepherds at Bethlehem and the three Wise Men from the East, need the star to lead us.”