Gustav Bosse Verlag

Gustav Bosse verlag, which has belonged to the Bärenreiter publishing group since 1957, specialises in music education publications. Founded in 1912 in Regensburg by Gustav Bosse (1884–1943),  the company published mainly scholarly and popular books on music during its first decades. Its main focus was on 19th century music history, in particular Richard Wagner and Anton Bruckner.

Since the 1960s, the publishing programme has expanded to include books and educational works on music teaching, music for amateurs, Das Neue Geistliche Lied and choral editions of popular music.

In co-operation with the Verband deutscher Musikschulen (VdM) which is the Association of German music schools, Tina & Tobi was published in 1970. This was the first German-language programme for early musical education – a pioneering work in its day. This teaching programme, now in an updated form, remains the introduction to the world of music for hundreds of thousands of children today.

In 1993 the Regensburg office moved to Kassel. The publication programme, with its emphasis on music education, has retained its own identity and is constantly adapting to take new trends into account.  The standard works for use in school music teaching have been joined by Chor aktuell which is a collection of simple choral pieces. This has now been complemented by further collections (Chor aktuell junior, Chor aktuell Basis, Chor aktuell International). As well as the programmes for early musical education, choral music series such as Jazz im Chor are extremely successful.