Das Erbe deutscher Musik

The musicological publication series “Das Erbe deutscher Musik” (EDM) makes the repertoire of important German music manuscripts, works and anthologies of  individual composers available in the form of modern music editions or facsimile reproductions. It also includes selected articles on major musical genres. The series is divided into a total of ten sections, published by different publishing houses.

The editorial project was founded in 1933 by the Staatliches Institut für deutsche Musikforschung, Berlin, as a continuation of the “Denkmäler deutscher Tonkunst” (1892–1931, new print run 1957–1961). From 1953 onwards the project was continued by the Musikgeschichtliche Kommission e. V. At that time, the problematic title of the publication series, dating from 1933, was kept in order to retain a recognisable continuous whole.

Bärenreiter is publishing section 7: Medieval Music, section 9: Oratorio and Cantata, as well as individual volumes in the Special Series. Nagels is publishing section 5: Chamber Music.