The warehouse at the Bärenreiterweg
  • Bärenreiter takes over the Hinnenthal-Verlag.

  • The start of the series Hortus Musicus with works from the renaissance and baroque.

  • The warehouse and distribution department move into former military buildings at the Bärenreiterweg, not far from the main publishing company buildings.


Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714–1787)


The Nagels-Verlag company logo


Typesetting machines around 1962
  • The first expansion of the publishing house creates space for printing facilities.


Photo: Paavo Blåfield, 2009


Photo: Paavo Blåfield, 2009
  • Alkor-Edition (formerly the Brucknerverlag founded in 1934) becomes part of Bärenreiter.

  • Pioneering times for the three complete editions: the first volumes of the Halle Handel Edition (Keyboard Works I: The Eight Great Suites), the New Mozart Edition (Works for two pianos) and the New Edition of the Complete Works “New Schütz Edition” (Historia der Geburt Jesu Christi).


Karl Vötterle and Ernst Krenek (1900–1991)
  • The association with Ernst Krenek begins.

  • The first volume of the Complete Works of Orlando di Lasso, New Series (Latin motets, French chansons and Italian madrigals) is published.


The Gustav Bosse Verlag’s company logo dating from the 1950s


The shell of the wing for the printing facilities

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