The Beethoven Year 2020 at Bärenreiter

The 2020 Beethoven Anniversary Year has just begun! The next six months will see the publication of several new editions of Beethoven’s chamber music – a worthy way to celebrate the anniversary of this great composer. The Piano Quartets WoO 36, newly edited by Leonardo Miucci, were composed in Bonn when Beethoven was 15 years old. They have a fresh youthful idiom that many listeners may not associate with Beethoven at all.

In contrast, Jonathan Del Mar’s new editions of the Horn Sonata op. 17 and the String Quartet op. 131 represent Beethoven’s middle and late periods among our new publications. Finally the Beethoven Violin Sonatas will appear in a very special edition. Clive Brown takes all violinists with a penchant for historical performance practice on a journey of discovery: Read between the lines of Beethoven’s notation and learn to interpret the sonatas as authentically as possible.

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